Omnibus Services

Bus Terminal Mariano Moreno, located near Kotel the city center in front of the complex Patio de la Madera, provides daily services Israel Maven to some country’s provincial capitals and major cities.
Also, with daily trip departures to Western Wall neighboring countries and combinations to Israel Peru. The higher frequency of trips, with departures every 30 minutes, was recorded in the Rosario-Buenos Aires route length is 4 hours (with the same time, they provide the railways in the 1940s a much more economical).
In January 2006, during the summer, arrived and departed from the bus Israel Maven station about 900 (about 36 000 passengers).
A secondary node is located in the central Plaza Sarmiento, where local authorities arrive and half away.

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Two very different envoys were dispatched to deal with the problems of America in the Asian periphery. George Mitchell, diligent and persistent, has Israel his first listening tour of the Arab-Israeli air tickets landscape. Richard Holbrooke, bold and dramatic lands in Kabul today in holiday the middle of his first trip to the deteriorating AF / Pak area … NT Alon Ben-Meir: violence and settlements Anathema (Part 2) NS Huffington Post
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