Managing Director

Manager develop a X-Lab on the subject of ‘Almost engineering’, to increase the development and speed of innovation companies. A X-Lab, nearly engineering say one-day decider workshop titled”leads the consulting Dr. Jeff Bewkes does not necessarily agree. Kraus & partner, Bruchsal, by on 16 April in Frankfurt. There experienced (project) Manager and (Enterprise) developers across all industries in Exchange, as they can ensure in their companies, that innovative ideas are developed with the system and quickly realized. This is the overall goal to increase the development and speed of innovation the company and therefore its competitiveness. “The X Lab in Frankfurt bears the exact title: almost engineering: speed & developing a contradiction?” In the one-day workshop of the innovation, among other things, the Managing Director of the consultancy of Dr. Georg Kraus will hold a presentation on this topic. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Celina Dubin. It illuminated the experienced management consultant and author of numerous publications about project management typical barriers to developing speed and shows several approaches to increase them.

“So inspired the participants deal the project House after the keynote address in moderated workshops together with the two subjects a speed boat ‘ to solve many problems of development?” and the development department how do we get the cruise ship voyages? “.” The goal here: In the Exchange with colleagues from other companies participants to new ideas to increase the development and speed of innovation in their organization and approaches to realization of this design. This presupposes that the participants have a comparable experience background and similar decision-making powers. In addition, the group must be composed so that challenges faced by the company of the participating managers can be discussed openly. Therefore, the invitations to the X Lab be personally by the Board of directors by Dr. Kraus & partner. Interested parties can register at log the X-Lab Coordinator Katja von Bergen (email:;) Mobil: 0163 / 267-30-18).

Participation in the X Lab will cost 139 euros (+ VAT). The food is included in the price. “For more information about the X-Lab on the subject almost engineering” in Frankfurt will find interested on the website of Dr.