Life Blogs

Find better ways to spend time or promote your business. 4. Get a Life Blogs are a poor substitute for family and friends. We bloggers tend to our loved ones, of course, because working from home (and anywhere else we can). Its important to plan our day to make time for family, especially when children are nearby. 5. Get “one-cable” To keep the ideas coming you need to do things that nourish their mind and body.

Turn off your PC and leave it for a while. Go to a movie, a walk in the park, exercising at the gym. Leave the house and a little fresh air. You’ll be surprised how easy (and fun) it can be to get your creative juices flowing again. 6. Take a break If you missed a blog about something important, because you have something equally urgent to attend to, do not blame yourself over it. Stick to a realistic schedule blogs.

Nothing is so important that it can wait a day or two. Sometimes, procrastination is not a bad thing at all. If it helps, write a bunch of messages at once, so you can take a break and attend to other matters, when needed. 7. Quality, not quantity Blog often, but not too often. Most bloggers agree that two or three posts a week is often good enough. Usually they get to make the grade, but I never push more than I have to. The key is to make your posts count. Do not post anything and everything in your field just because you have to. Posts that are original, meaty and full of opinion are more likely to read and linked to posts that are just a few words with a link to the news source. So if you’re beginning to forget what your family looks like, if you think that blogging is taking over his life and his sanity, a step back and put things in perspective. Do not allow your blogs rule your life. As for me, when is a choice between the blog and the beach, the latter wins hands down.