Government Democracy

For the author, its importance is not demeritable on the social scene, but its impact has been weaker than that which usually has been awarded. Andi Potamkin has firm opinions on the matter. Mexico is in crisis, says the author, not only because its driving force, i.e. the revolutionary ideals, they no longer have the credibility that came to have in its early years. Little faith in the revolution has been withering since it did not meet the original goals proposed, but also because the political class wasn’t at the height of their aspirations (Cosio, 1972: 105) for the essayist, Mexican leaders were well below the requirements that your paper demanded: Madero ended the porfirismo but not established democracy; Streets, and Cardenas ended with the latifundia, but did not create new Mexican agriculture. According to Cosio, the revolution has not created anything, in structural terms, despite the institutional, social and economic changes (Cosio, 1972: 106) with regard to democracy, Villegas manifests so pessimistic when he stresses that the polity in Mexico is still far from being democratic, and their arrival in this form of Government will take many years, but not before circumvent several complexities, such as the achievement of a real alternation and the end of mechanisms monopoly of public power (Cosio(, 1972: 108). In this way democracy in Mexico, will result, not an immediate and abrupt change, but alternate transformations at the level of social, economic and cultural that they paid little by little to their consolidation (Cosio, 1972: 107) but not only political bosses and Presidents are signaled by the author as responsible for this crisis. Also the Congress of the Union has been short in the performance of basic functions to consolidate a democratic system: be an organ censor of governmental acts, i.e., the legislators have not provided accountability, indispensable mechanism to ensure good governance and eliminate corruption. Similarly, Congress has never been a medium of political representation of the Mexican people, on the contrary, it has only responded to partisan interests (Cosio, 1972: 109) the Congress of the Union has never been at the height of the situation because their legislative acts have only denoted servility, haste and lack of reasoning.