Federal State

As tour guides and are active as such only who has completed the prescribed and up to a two-year tour guide training and passed the State examination of the Guide. Determines in particular the Austrian trade regulations: 108. (1) a trade licence for the exercise of the guide industry ( 94 No. 21) necessary for the management of people, to give them the historical riches and the artistic and cultural heritage of in Austria (plazas and building, collections, exhibitions, museums, monuments and memorials, churches, monasteries, theatre and entertainment venues, industrial and economic systems, traditional events and features of landscape, flora and fauna), social, social and political situation in the national and international cohesion, to show sporting and social events, and to explain. Guide – tour guide strictly difference separated the profession of guide for a special qualification is needed, by the profession of the Guide becomes in Austria.

Although in General, particularly guests from Germany equate language again tour guides and tour guide, is a fundamental difference between the two – at least in Austria -: the Guide: a different long-running depending on the Federal State education must complete and pass the State exam of the Guide. Then he can log on the guides trade authority and – offer tours mostly as a self-employed trader – city tour and other sightseeing. The Guide: accompanied a group and assumes administrative auxiliary services of all kinds, to ensure a smooth of journey. He requires no special training; anyone can log on the guides trade without special skills or training and exercise. A tour guide can offer no tours in Austria or run. Penalties for unauthorized guide activity who against the provisions of the commercial code violates and without guide assessment in Austria offers services or performs that has the profession of which are reserved for tour guides, in accordance with the above quoted section 108 of the GewO to sensitive penalties under certain circumstances.