Exemption Sales Tax

Maria Ulrich from Munich Tax Office informed after a disease is often not immediately again properly fit and more therapy devices are necessary to become healthy again. Usually then follows a consecutive treatment, a Rehamassnahme, which in the aftermath of hospital treatment or outpatient surgery and further treatment is necessary. Were this paid for by the patient, this connection treatment was so far as exempt from the sales tax. To do this, there was a new decision by the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF), which stipulates certain conditions for this. About this informed the tax firm Maria Ulrich from Munich. Connection handling must be whether a connection handling of VAT is exempt, essentially depends on whether it is a prescribed action.

They can be issued as cash both private prescription. John Brown describes an additional similar source. No connection treatments that have no specific purpose of healing are exempt from sales tax. Say: if they any treatment. Prevention and treatment of diseases or ailments are used. That would be the case, for example, when certain port treatment recommendations. These represent no prescribed performance according to financial management. There is an exception for midwives or obstetricians.

You remain isolated and need no prescription, to get a sales tax exemption. Also, the sales tax exemption does not apply to spa treatments. Because they have not the purpose of healing, but the improvement of the well-being and are therefore not be regarded as VAT-free medical treatment. The tax office Maria Ulrich from Munich is anytime available for detailed information. Press contact tax firm Maria Ulrich contact: Maria Ulrich aide road 108 81379 Munich Tel.: 089/41134860 fax: 089/41134829 email: Homepage: