European Union

This fundamentalism takes its root between little or nothing smart, people that are conducive to that war would become a mere game – since then, with all-important economic designs – for politicians in turn of the countries involved in armed conflicts. Without a doubt, it is sad to recognize that EE.UU. It has contributed to the warlike campaign begun by Israel: maintain a perfect Alliance for many years. And it is that some European politicians followed all carried out by President Bush, and, like lambs-with his silence, the silence of the lambs – they do feel stronger and more confident Israelites. The EU (European Union) has now, behave and dress him seen as a balancing functions. Be neutral and enforce the UN resolutions or rules that have been internationally, accepted within democratic States.

Neither more nor less. More military business with Iran nor marching in the right direction. There is a nuclear program seconded by Mahmud Ahmadineyad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, even if one considers that the Iranian regime has been years ago thinking about possessing nuclear weapons. The United Kingdom, France, have tried to solve this crisis, but Iran – rulers – are not for the work. No doubt want closed to the Western world, and not go down the path of progress. Although the latter is often bathed in blood and tears. However, Iranians are in their perfect right to possess nuclear power, as countries such as Israel, India, Pakistan also have.