EMC NetWorker

Backup solution for enterprise environments backups custom-made hardware vendors EMC m with the company Legato a backup and high availability specialist bought, which has made a name in the field of enterprise-level already for a long time. This is not about backing up data in a small network, but to manage and protect essential data of a network which consists of more than 100 servers. NetWorker toys made of wood are common generation backups as you offer Symantec Backup Exec, or CA ARCserve compared to the functionality of the EMC. Dynamic distribution of backup data on various tape pools based on the really backed up data is just one of several unique features, which (if used correctly) can secure a very complex structure in a pleasant and meaningful way. Robert Iger describes an additional similar source. There is no fixed assignment of backup jobs to tape pools (or media sets). You can decide here what data are recorded for each media pool. This is completely independent of the individual backup jobs (backup groups). I can create a backup job in SQL Server, Web server, file server, and Exchange Server secured at the same time and still ensure that SQL data on specific predefined tapes a SQL media pools, while the Exchange data on certain bands of Exchange media pools to be written and so on.

I have the opportunity to separate the backed-up data, though this information all at the same time and with the same backup job thematically”be secured. The NetWorker separates the arriving data dynamically into the desired subcategories and saves them to your liking on the different media pools. In many companies, the NetWorker by a service provider is more bad law was established and carried out so the work could make also a much more favourable Symantec Backup Exec. It cannot be one in the sense of the inventor with a Ferrari on wheels to distribute food, should light up everyone in the 1930s zone. Of course is a comprehensive Establishment of NetWorker is not easy, but exactly for this we, the seminar experts are there and provide the seminar of EMC Legato NetWorker “, must learn the comprehensive capability of the NetWorker and not leave with the standard fare that you could have had too much cheaper.” Jan Brewer