Discourage In 6 Stages

1.-At first confusion: and God made light. 2.-After the anger: that you have believed these. es-fuji-gt-diamondback/’>hybrid bikes. 3.-The subconscious esperzanza: my God please perdonalos because they don’t know what they do 4. disillusionment: I love you, me neither. 5.-Non-cooperation: it is not heard father 6.-I’m going or I stay: human resources to look for replacements. We briefly describe these stages of behavior toward apathy.

1 Confusion. In this organization, the most important is our staff. What actually happens: have input but not departure hour. What you want to hear and what is perceived not correspond. e in this idea. The effort to clarify that inconsistency away from their tasks and decreases the force. Symptoms of stress. 2.

Wrath of Kant mixed messages continue. Productivity increases according to the effort grows to be recognized and stress also is increasing. Seeks a rectificatoria confrontation, 3.-subsoonsciente effort: watering at sea. the continuous anger but under new forms. The information is not passed, it is assumed one defensive posture. 4 Disillusionment. Productivity drops to the minimum acceptable. This evident fall in the energy level of the individual. 5. Does not cooperate is not my issue. If a worker you manifesto this attitude, is in trouble. If the and you. 6. I’m going or I stay. Here the choice of one of the alternatives is relative. Since it depends on the individual. It is best to be withdrawn. The worst thing is to stay, then adopt a cynical attitude and even emotional guerrilla, willing to avenge with new blood to enter the company. Solutions: In life everything has a solution less death, immediate boss (usually direct cause of these attitudes), may be the first element that resolves these behaviors. But the real thing is that the person responsible for this situation is the worker, human resources I choose evil, not adapted to the culture etc. Justiticaciones that make an own many syndrome demotivation organizations.