Dancing And Health

Start dancing can be virtually any age from very young to quite respectable and respected. Dancing is good because that is completely harmless to health and do not require high-power loads: the body Novice dancers gradually gets used to the increasingly complex challenges that arise during training. In addition, studies at a rapid pace and with great physical activity alternate with slow, not requiring a large tension movements. Dancing perfectly develop coordination of movements. Indeed, the dancers are very rarely clumsy and sluggish. A person engaged in dance, fine maneuvers in the crowd and never with sshibet down an old lady with a cart and never comes to dog or cat's paw. Dancing develop the respiratory system of the human body. Indeed, the only professional dancers can be worn at breakneck speed across the parquet floor, vydelyvaya intricate steps, and, for a second without stopping, to discuss with your partner many shortcomings of their opponents, judges and their own mistakes.

Dance classes really help get rid of the regular colds, bronchitis and even easier for the disease in people suffering from asthmatic attacks. Dancing promote the development of good posture and a beautiful gait. Even if you've seen the dancer leaves the contest area hunched, and his partner Bruin – in any case do not think that it's a dance lessons. Just terrible partner shakes under your arms coat, and he, therefore, occurred in one of the pirouettes dance his partner's foot with his heel – after this all starts clubfoot. What dance could be harmful? Alas, the dancers also has weaknesses: it is, oddly enough, his feet. Problems with your feet – it's actually a problem with shoes. Footwear – it is exactly on what the sport can not save.

Shoes should be soft, comfortable, and strongly desired size and fullness. If this is the first dance of the newlyweds, then training is necessary to choose a wedding dance shoes which would correspond to that in which the number will be executed. Mismatch growth partner and your partner may face curvature of the spine. Therefore assumed that the ideal difference in growth partners 10-15 cm, and this dictated not only by aesthetic concepts, but also a kind of 'operational necessity'. However, the curvature of the spine can be caused by incorrect position of the dancers in the European dance – so dance bad – bad for your health. It's no secret that dance prolong life, promote the maintenance of general tone and you can save a person efficiency and cheerfulness to the last days of life. Even if you first started working when put newlyweds wedding dance, you feel that in your life, something changed. Whether you've ever come across a dancer in retirement, suffering from depression? You will not find ever!