Clockpure Step

Why today so many horses have a clock impure motion? The step is a pedestrian pace, a stroke in eight phases. A distinction between versammeltem step means step and strong step. Good step should be ground covering, regulated and clock in. Must pitch and pendulum movement of the neck and head of the horse the rider will approved you will get a smooth step. The horse to go with his neck head in correct stretch position. The nose prior to the vertical? A hard, backward-looking hand and short reins lead to a tension of the back and that pitch and pendulum movement of neck and head are no longer possible. The nose comes from behind the vertical. It comes back, braced himself with time to change the eight phases of the step (the so-called phase shift), subsequently to a Lateralization of the step.

The purity of the clock is no longer given. At the end of the Passport is the passport-like sequence. This change of the step quality gives whatever information about the quality of the training of the horse: the horse ridden with hand. The Schenkelganger. Many riders and trainers claim that a horse on Grand Prix level – just due to this high level of education – or S – can show a correct step. To push that, on the level of training is convenient and wrong.

A properly ridden and relaxed horse is a good and pure clock step also point to S level as on every other level of education. A further statement that is, often used to excuse pass, is the statement that the pass slope of a horse would lie on the breeding line. Even when stallions there, the a passion”show to the pass (or is probably faster download) and their descendants, are riders and trainers just then who to ensure that such a horse can go align and thus measure pure step.