Ceclia Owner

He left it to this nervous, making with that he still tried with more tenacity, repeated times, without at least looking at what he was making. He was as soon as, in a strong and decisive gesture, however with the closed eyes, he obtained to carry through the cut. When opening the eyes, however, great it were the scare: it had not cut only the tip, but all the tail of the dog. More than this: the cut was so efficient and incisive that not only extracted all the tail to it, but part of the back one of the animal poor person, who now was convulsed itself in pains! The blood started to gush out and Raul sweated cold. What to make? Adaptability, creativity, capacity of reasoning, are necessary attributes to the people who obtain to decide difficult problems and to leave complicated situations. Raul faced the front problem. First, the Ceclia Owner took care of to omit the birth of seventh cachorrinho, only said that, for the visa, the childbirth had finished and that it was making an evaluation of the unborn children. Meanwhile, she prepared a dressing in the serious wound that had caused the strange youngling: she made a true one embezzles for the animal, in intention to stanch the blood.

Wise person, however, that the Ceclia Owner could not present a being in that state, therefore it never would understand! Not even it was certain if the youngling would survive, since it loses much blood and it revealed without forces. What to make? Raul collected the gauzes, cotton and dirty towels, leaving everything soon so that Ceclia Owner had a good vision of its professionalism and was happy with its new animals of esteem. Knowing that it of its failure with seventh cozinho could not leave cliente, it decided to take an attitude drastic: it placed the animal poor person, already fainted, in the pocket of its jacket and dissimulated to ignore this ' ' detail tcnico' ' of the carried through operation.