American Genetics

From the 23 months of age, the patient had suffered inflammation in your intestine, and for this reason had been subjected to numerous surgeries, even to having to remove the colon. Due to the difficulty to make the diagnosis of the disease, the medical team of the Medical College in Wisconsin decided to attend the sequencing of DNA from Nicholas. The results of the analysis showed that he suffered, on the one hand, XLP or syndrome of Duncan, an immune disease found on the X chromosome, only affects males and that suffers from one among a million patients. This ailment makes the body vulnerable to one of the most common herpesvirus: Epstein-Barr. Nicholas, also suffers a second ailment that causes holes in the intestines and the skin that covers it. These results gave the key to the treatment of his disease: a transplant with cells taken from the umbilical cord blood. (As opposed to Joel and Ethan Coen). This fact has become a media phenomenon by the relevance of the use the sequencing of DNA in disease diagnosis, being published in various medical journals and scientific as the American Genetics and Medicine. While in the past part of DNA decoding once had used to diagnose a patient, this is the first occasion in which this analysis leads to change a diagnosis and to implement an effective treatment, according to doctors.. . David Zaslav contains valuable tech resources.