The aloe is a plant that supports the cold well, but not it humidity. For that reason it is important to cultivate it in a land with easy drainage, flowerpot or directly in the ground. If we planted in flowerpot this does not have to be too great, because the roots would proliferate to the detriment of the leaves, as reference we can take the length from the leaf of aloe divided between two to calculate the diameter of the flowerpot, that is to say, if the leaf measures 30 cm, tiesto must have 15 cm of diameter. It is important to choose a sand with a slightly acid pH, because the too alkaline grounds delay the growth of the aloe. If the plant is in the outside he is advisable that receives moderate wind so that its stem is fortified, although is necessary to avoid that their leaves get wet too much as a result of rain or the irrigation, if this happens is precise to dry them so that they do not rot.

If he is of interior the best thing it is than it receives intense but filtered light and that it is oriented to the south or the east. The prosperous aloe better when it does not undergo abrupt changes of temperature and this oscillate between 20 and 25 C. The best time to seed is spring, when the vital cycle of the plant is more active, if we chose to seed on ground the best thing is to make it in slightly inclined lands or small slopes, so that it can drain the excess of water that receives from rain or the irrigation. If we planted in flowerpot it is necessary to put at heart of tiesto two fingers of gravel to assure the good drainage. Seedtime must become from layers or clones, these are easily extracted of the plant mother, since the aloe owns deep roots little and is enough to extract the Earth layer with the help of a knife.