Web Site Accessibility

Usability is one of the most pressing issues in the field of Web site development today. The usability of a Web site is tested in its simplicity that makes it easy for people to navigate through the site as quickly as possible, so it makes access to information easier. Accessibility is a concept that is confused with the concept of usability. Refers to the creation of the content of the Web site available to all persons. Context the topic has drawn attention from different sectors of society. Why? Since 1 in 5 people in the United States have some kind of disability and this figure translates into about 30 million Americans. The figure continues to increase, with the coming of age of older persons.

During the last decade, was seen a spectacular increase of 25%. For the Internet? One could ask, why is the Internet a central place in this issue of usability? The Internet has transformed the lives of people during the last decade. People have been able to do things that were not able to do before, this includes persons with disabilities. People who are affected do not have many opportunities in comparison with people who are well and able. The Internet has provided them ways of gathering information, communication, social interaction, participation in cultural activities and provides them with employment opportunities. However, statistics have shown that the potential of the Internet to offer these opportunities still is not determined the most because people with disabilities are being hampered by usability problems in their use to the maximum. Here, dr chappuis expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Interested parties the question of the utility is not only seen by institutions that are related to providing support to people with disabilities, the majority of sectors of society are watching closely its progress. The institutions that are involved in governance, education, the media, services public and even business sectors are observers in the game.