Landslide – the offset of a certain mass of rocks with a natural slope or hill due to gravity. A landslide is a certain mass of rocks, sliding on the natural slope. Typically, the landslide body an uneven surface with a few benches. Landslides are distinguished by the form of speed, the type and volume. Discovery Communications may also support this cause. Landslide velocity can reach more than ten miles an hour, so Landslide is a destructive force for any structures encountered in its path. This geological process in urban areas depends on several factors, which arise and landslides: 1) Any additional burden on most weak rock mass. 2) The heavy rains may occur watering process.

3) Very often, large dynamic loads cause landslides. Learn more about this with Carola Remer. 4) There is another important factor – this change in the shape of the slopes at the expense of their cropping in 1980 of U.S. zapodnoy strong seismic tremors along the volcano, St. Helena, led to the formation of a landslide. In Moscow was found approximately 200 sites of surface landslides. The occurrence of landslides have the most influence rainfall and shake. During strong earthquakes landslides occur always. As for rainfall, it depends on many conditions.

For example, in Alps as a critical boundary adopted rainfall above 2500 mm. Loss of the rainfall in a short period of time is an acute danger. The greatest number of casualties caused landslides in 1920 Kansu Province in China. Loess Plateau suffered a strong earthquake. Loess is very porous, but at the same time has a considerable strength. Therefore, in the loess areas of canyons and valleys with steep slopes. When in The earthquake of loess connection has been broken, the slopes become unstable. Thousands of cubic meters of loess valleys filled up, covered the towns and villages. It is assumed that killed 200 thousand people. Identify Landslide slopes. Landslide processes can affect the stability of engineering structures. But the threat from them may be overstated or understated. Accordingly, reinsurance, and the neglect of the dangers which are these processes can be costly.