Professional Caregivers Advocate For Quality Standards Of Care

BdB calls: without previous training to transfer no legal care of the legal support people, who are not qualified for this is a dangerous trend, criticized the Federal Association of professional caregivers (BdB). Attempts to refuse to transfer the support of old, sick or disabled people, for example, employees of the post office or other persons, which lack the qualifications for this were so. The professional legal service needs people who are qualified, emphasizes Thomas Behrendt, BdB land Chairman in Berlin. Gain insight and clarity with Coen brothers. The BdB are explicitly supported the voluntary commitment of those who worry often as volunteer caregivers to family members and that of the service clubs comprehensively trained and accompanied. “Behrendt: No 1,3 million people could handled without their support.” But it mainly involves private life assistance. Inadequate requirements, however, we are critical of the current practice, people the professional legal Care to transfer any qualifications lacking for it”, as Behrendt. BdB Managing Director Anette Reinders warns not only for ethical and moral reasons”attempts, postal employees to support offices and clubs to rent. The quality requirements, such as the post and the clubs that are”grossly inadequate, so Reinders.

“Diploma social worker Thomas Behrendt stressed: If we support our clients in legal transactions, if we need to manage their assets or even in medical issues make decisions, we have a responsibility, which can be transferred not to separate this.” Risky cost pressure Behrendt makes printing costs in the social services as a major reason for this to be the work of professional carers in the same hands. But it rich not only when selecting a full-time supervisor to ensure its reputation or whether the reporting requirements will be complied with. Who acts as legal or statutory representatives, needs more than the often helpful life experience”or common sense”, as Behrendt next. “He calls: the professional qualification must be demonstrated.” As long as however the work of the professional carers not recognised as a profession, so long not even the job title law that could be acting in grey areas.