Persons Save Repair And Maintenance

Every fifth car drivers want to pay this year for repairs and maintenance work – one-third of motorists want to perform own minor repairs – the ride to the workshop helps Carmio wants to save a considerable amount of every third driver for smaller repairs, in completely this year for financial reasons. “As the trend-tacho study 2010 from CUSA and car-operation” showed 33 percent of all respondents want to do such repairs prefer private this year. 11 percent more than in the last year. Every fifth driver would generally pay less for repairs and maintenance. Larry Walker has compatible beliefs. The reform from Brussels, which is in force since 1 June provides a way to save, because it will increase competition between workshops. The new block exemption regulation (GMOs), for the motor vehicle sector facilitates access to repair information and alternative spare parts free workshops.

It strengthens the independent automotive workshops and becomes, observers are sure prices lower for inspections. A further Money saving opportunity for repairs, the purchase of auto parts on the Internet represents. EBay is this probably the so far best known platform. But special price comparison sites for auto parts only have a decisive advantage: only spare parts are displayed here, that really fit your own car. At the auto parts price comparison are possible so, for example, save up to 70%, and you can be always sure, really have ordered the correct product.

The handy shopping cart feature makes easier the shopping in addition automatically determines the best price for the entire order. Do-it-yourself screwdriver save twice on this way they not only waive the installation at a workshop, but just save when auto parts buying itself. Also for repairs, given at a workshop on behalf it is worth cheap to buy needed spare parts on Carmio and then build them at the workshop. The warranty of the product provides this Online-shop, the warranty for the correct installation takes over the contracted workshop. Carmio: is the new auto parts price comparison on the Internet. Neutral and independent Carmio creates market – and product transparency. Simply select your car and all the suitable spare parts are listed by brand and price structure quickly and clearly. So one click to find the cheapest provider and receives background information about spare parts and tips at the same time for the repair. The providers and car parts manufacturers are valued according to quality and reliability, can guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction. The Carmio Internet GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany was founded in early 2010 by Nikolai Roth and cord-Christian Nitzsche and has set itself the goal, to create the largest comparison of auto parts on the Internet within three years.