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Considered one of them pillars of the Quantum Mechanics, the beginning of the Uncertainty arrived to be the generator of the majority of the controversial subjects of the physics of our century and the last century. This principle had deep implications in the form of perception of the world introducing an inevitable element of imprevisibilidade or causalidade in science, causing the rupture of the logic and the reason as pure and absolute truths. It more modifies one of the consolidated scientific paradigms, namely, of that the enterprise of Science is the attainment of an accurate knowledge, the necessary one and detailed about the reality. If before this principle, the objective of Science it was this accurate knowledge on the nature, after such principle, was clearly that he has limits for the knowledge, that we cannot get accurate knowledge, that, in the maximum, our knowledge will be probable, will be approaches, models, representations of the nature. This creates some constataes that estremecessem bases of the classic scientific thought. Without having the certainty of the consequences that this theory could cause in strong entrenched concepts, Heisenberg even though demystifies the presence of a determinista Creator, that is, that even though God is limited by the beginning of the Uncertainty, and it cannot know the position in such a way how much the speed of a particle, becoming it one ‘ ‘ player of dados’ ‘ inveterate.

Molded for the classic culture, especially for the Greek philosophers, Heisenberg he influenced and still he influences the form to think of a legion of people who the search of answers if become hunters of concepts that in the reality do not pass of uncertain. Until the end of century XX science believed that it all had the key of the knowledge, the last mysteries of the nature to be unmasked was only time question, what after a systematic analysis, recognizes that fugaz does not pass of one illusion. After a brief and superficial analysis of two moments of history, two landmarks of construction of scientific knowing, is possible to believe that science influences more than what in our daily one with its practical theories and, and yes in our behavior, our way to think, to guide our life; that it can influence the culture of an Age, through its ideas, of its ideologies and its thoughts; thoughts these, that are constructed of a form that escapes to our perception. Bibliographical references. Zanetic, Physical J. and Culture. Available in: Access in: 04 of out.2010. Access in: 13 of out.