New Exhibition

Exhibition in the wine Studio, Gabriel Vinothek in Braunschweig, Germany the art of Africa meets the South African wines in the wine Studio, Gabriel Vinothek in Braunschweig. By February 23, 2010 expected to be mid-April, an exhibition of traditional African art of the bwoom Gallery for the current focus “Wines from South Africa” of the Brunswick wine Studio is running. A selection of traditional African masks and figures that make up an exclusive setting for the presentation of the current South African wine collection will be exhibited. Although the tradition of viticulture in South Africa of European origin, this is but already long also accompanied by African culture and its art. Decorations that make a reference to the African Arts and culture – are typical of a South African wine and not a few winemakers are enthusiastic collectors of African art. South Africa is today affected by many African cultures and a wide selection of different styles of African art shows in the South African wineries often.

The Vinothek in Brunswick would like to build in collaboration with the Bwoom Gallery on this South African winemaking tradition and go for a stylish presentation of the current South African wine collection. The exhibited works of the Bwoom Gallery may refer to the art of the African continent and the focus on the traditional art forms is omitted on tourist goods and purely decorative elements. Wine-Atelier, Gabriel Vinothek Kasernenstrasse 34 38102 Braunscheig of the wine workshop and exhibition opening hours: Mo. -Fr. 14.00 20.00 pm sat 11.00 – 20.00 Uwe Schade, Wolfenbuttel