Improving Self-Esteem in Adolescents

The adolescence is a stage of the life in which the children undergo many physiological alterations, mental, emotional and social. This series of changes brings about a continuous sensation of insecurity in the children and children whom in many occasions autoconcepto negatively affects to his and self-esteem. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Tim Wallach. In this article you will learn strategies to help to your adolescent son or daughter to construct a positive self-esteem during the adolescence. The adolescents realise comparisons the boys and girls do not know very well how they are they themselves between the twelve and the eighteen years. Simply they spend the day comparing itself with other famous adolescents, people or adult models with which they feel affinity. When an adolescent perceives a very great distance between his form to behave and the one of his model to follow, she tends to interpret this situation from pessimistic a dramatic point of view and. For this reason, it is fundamental that the adults we help them to observe the totality of each person, beyond those aspects in which emphasizes especially. Educate yourself with thoughts from dr chappuis. How to help him to be more objective The adolescent children constantly usually speak of their idols or leaders and with as much passion, that it is difficult to pay the attention to them that need and to seat to us to listen to them.

, On the contrary most normal he is than we complain about the heavy thing that is and we make fun of of its so exaggerated attitude. Then, by this way we will not obtain more than to reinforce its fanatical conduct. If we want that the adolescents are more objectives and therefore, less vulnerable before the ideal version that they perceive of the people who are important for them, something that works very well is to learn next to them on the life of the person who admires. .