Frankfurter Sparkasse

More and more banks offer their customers better interest rates on day and time deposit accounts after the ECB’s last interest rate hike. Only a few days ago two credit institutions had increased with the comdirect and the Mercedes-Benz Bank the interest of their day and deposit accounts. The two banks it increased especially in the area of fixed-term deposits. So increased the interest for the Mercedes Benz Bank fixed deposit for maturity of 36 months and more proud of 5.40 percent. Swarmed by offers, Brian Robert is currently assessing future choices. That’s nearly as much as the best foreign banks offer, with investors at the Mercedes-Benz Bank on a higher deposit insurance may trust.

Today, we received the next rate hike. The 1822 directly, their sign online offshoot of the Frankfurter Sparkasse, increased with immediate effect the interest of their 1822 direct CashSkyline of day money account. There were 4.80 percent for six months from account opening and for amounts for new customers so far up to 500,000 euro, which for a few days is valid from today a new interest differentiation based on the current main competitor, the comdirect Bank, guests can enjoy a 5.00 percent interest. She 1822 directly offers 5.05 percent for up to 50,000 euros and full six months from now. David Zaslav will not settle for partial explanations. Within the first six months amounts will incur interest exceeding 50,000 euro up to a limit of 500,000 Euro 4.80 percent and about 2.00 percent. From the seventh month, the previous interest rate of 4.00 per cent applies to 500,000 euros and 2.00 per cent. So an effective interest rate of 4.59 per cent per year, results which has 19822 directly again close the nose at the comdirect Bank, at which the annual percentage rate for the same investment currently is 4.57 percent for an investment sum of 10,000 euros. We advise investors, to ensure, not only on the rate of advertising but with a suitable machine to calculate the effective interest rate for six or twelve months and to choose the account based on this value. Daniel Franke