Data Transmission

It must be ensured that at least once a day the system via remote data transmission is polled. Deficiencies or errors must be analyzed in the framework of fault management immediately and processed. Operation of the telemetry this utp technicians developed the telemetry module as extension of the existing klarcontrol control. The intelligent control module monitors not only all components and parts, but detects also serious operational shortcomings. This includes high external water supply, tank infiltration and exfiltration and backwater from the drainage or the drainage.

A free data entry for an optional probe to monitor the degree of cleaning in the end gearing up for the future. The Retrieve data automatically for example via the mobile network at least once per day through utp service operations. The storage as well as a fully automatic debit occurs on the telemetry server / is comparison. Any detected irregularity automatically triggers a status message to a competent person. This introduces a fault management after his scoring. This can be only a telephone demand for the operator. Or the immediate visit of a technician to restore the function.

For this reason, it makes sense that status messages to the servicing agent in the region go. The specialist not only decides to proceed, but documented the initiated measure on the utp telemetry server. The data from the fault management, as well as the daily status messages are stored password protected. You can on demand via the web-based access as manual retrieve and printed out. System of remote monitoring of utp as the only worldwide with German approval the utp service GmbH nationwide offers the services of the telemetry server. Also, other manufacturers of other manufacturers can be monitored generally. In addition an appropriate addition to the general building control approval is required here but the own-checks are required to renounce. The monitoring water authority on the manual operator control must be without this official added. This is part of the proper operation of all small wastewater treatment plants, so officially unauthorized absence is inevitably as to lack and to call for the authority. With the remote control module, as well as the telemetry server were also the problems of large operators, the waste water purpose Association as well as the water authorities to resolve. These have the sovereign responsibility to monitor the proper operation of hundreds small wastewater treatment plants in your area. A manual control of submitted paper is so far a year or even at longer intervals and personal-and therefore costly. Grievances be reminded until after one or two years to rectify. The utp telemetry software knows this special authority status. In addition to the review of the maintenance intervals, you can set a time limit for the processing of errors for these status messages depending on the sensitivity of the waters. If this time is exceeded, a message to the surveillance authority is issued automatically. A meaningful for the waters protection warning for a correct operation is now possible. Because all access be password protected with tiered rights management, a data or process abuse is excluded. When comparing the read data, the utp – telemetry software on the Seybothenreuther server as an encore calculates a possible energy optimization of valve timing. If necessary the maintenance man receives proposals for energy optimisation of wastewater treatment system already before his visit automatically. She replaced the maintenance visits by an expert UTP telemetry do not. But the first step to improving the existing situation is done by the utp technicians!