Create New Pirates

We are already beginning to see prinicipio of a new battle by the use of the free culture in the network. That it seems to you. It would not have to be most sensible than the culture was within reach of the majority of people? As he can be prohibited that gives culture to him friend? He is contradictory. Some means, organizations or companies with great economic interests only can be interested in that it only can hear music that can pay it or that the best books only are within reach of can pay that them. The electronic book reader begins or to be used widely to read books and in some means listening that begins or to be one of the favorite methods of reading. To this the incredible success of iPad of Apple is united which can be used perfectly like digital book reader.

It is possible that within very little we return to hear speak of pirates. But this time the pirates will be those that lend a book to him to a friend. The difference is that instead of prestartelo in paper you the quick thing in digital format. That is what it turns to me into pirate. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Piramal Glass. It does not seem absurd this situation? And this situation certainly is going away to give shortly because iPad has been sold and it is continued selling by thousand but million units.

And one is an option very valid to use it like reader of ebooks. When it is reached a sufficient amount from iPads, the electronic book interchange to read them with him, will become the new horse of battle of the defenders of the indefensible thing. Joel and Ethan Coen: the source for more info. The dimensions of iPad are something majors that those of some of the most met readers electronic books. Nevertheless they are not going to be an impediment so that the lovers of the reading begin to use it to read favorite his ebooks. In addition now there are already many imitadores of this tablet that offer devices similar to very economic prices. This does not make but increase the possibilities of all that one that wants to buy one of these devices. The culture must change its strategy of distribution to make it profitable. Or perhaps it is necessary to look for the yield of another form. What it does not go if possible is to go against which the market is demanding. And what demands it is gratuitous culture for the end user. Within anything the turn will arrive to him at the audiolibros. Ilegalizarn to read books to record them. Or perhaps even they ilegalicen to read aloud. The reading of the Quijote of every year finished. Absurd, no?