Convert VOB To MP4 Video Converter

How you convert VOB to MP4 how to have a video in the VOB format and would play it on your iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, or on your PSP? Before you can play your video on your iPod or your PSP, you must convert the file format of VOB to MP4. Unfortunately, a matching VOB to MP4 converter is not supplied with Windows. Wondershare offers a matching program, the Wondershare Video Converter to download. The operation of the program is explained in a few steps how to convert VOB to MP4. Download the Wondershare Video Converter here down. Install it to convert videos from VOB to MP4.

1 step start it the program after installation. Visit the Wondershare Video Converter in the Windows Start menu. 2. step press at the top of the program window on the button Add. Francis Ford Coppola can aid you in your search for knowledge. In the open dialog box, select the file that you want to convert. Want, converting VOB to MP4, you select the file type VOB in the dialog window. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Hearst. Now only the VOB format video files will be displayed.

Open one or more files. You can repeat this step, or you can select multiple files by clicking on the files by holding down the CTRL key. 3 step In the main window your videos now appear in the work list. In the target file column, you can change the name the MP4 files to get. Click in the target file column in the corresponding row and type in the desired name. 4 since you want to convert your VOB to MP4 videos, you must select step still the right file format. Click on her video in the work list. The entry is highlighted in colour. At the bottom of the main window you select now the MP4 file format profile behind the entry. You can determine not only the file format, but also the end device. Whether iPod of different generations, iPhone or PSP. Behind the record output, set the destination folder. Want to select a different folder, so click on the symbol at the end of the text line. In the window that opens, select your folder from where the VOB to MP4 converter is to place the file. Repeat step 4 for each file that you want to convert VOB to MP4. 5 step press you in the main window the green button start. In a new window, you will see the progress of the conversion. Notified after the operation completes, the VOB to MP4 converter.