As Levada

This creates an additional thrust. As litter using sawdust. The temperature in the stables in winter by about 10-12 . It is maintained by the heat generated by animals, and good thermal insulation premises. Drying horse blankets, saddle cloths and other equipment to amunichni-tion there is an additional source of heat – water battery. Stables equipped avtopoilkami. Feeders using swap.

Near the stables – tethering post 4 heads for forging and cleaning the horses in the summer. Stables, unfortunately, a small area, but I try to most of the time the horse was carried out not in the room, as broilers, and on pasture or in training. In winter, they walk in levadas (Pen) under electroshepherd, get their food from under the snow – . As Levada removed the need for another place. Summer meadows try to put away, keeping a high grass near the barn, just in case snowy winter because of deep snow not lead the horses. Horses gladly walk all the short winter day, lying in the snow, playing with each other, dig under the snow-preserved grass. In the summer of my pets receive concentrates twice a day, and in winter – three.

On the night after feeding concentrates I give them hay in winter, for about 4-5 kg. In the summer of hay do not give at all (it is enough grazing), except that when I'm taking them somewhere for the next competition. In winter, try to work on horses, but if the ice, it is necessary to forge.

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