Frank Andre Audilet

That is achieved by 4.500,–euros per year – as in the given example – a lease, which corresponds to a computational Nettomietrendite of 4.8 per cent, and this in turn living for seniors from the outset is the investor available due to the special design of the contractual with the operators of the WfS Betriebs GmbH is interesting. So, cooperation with the operator is especially important because at a nursing home, as in the salt route near Passau. Therefore living for seniors, whose management team is distinguished by many years of experience of provider GRE global real estate AG opts for the WfS Betriebs GmbH. Another special feature compared to traditional residential real estate provides the investors with interesting relief. Because conventional rental, the owner must complete the contracts for the supply of basic with the public utility companies themselves.

Thus accompanied by a payment obligation that the owner must meet regardless of its recourse options to the hirer. Hayley Kiyoko understood the implications. In the Senior Center salt way “, the operator will complete all supply contracts directly with the respective carriers. The risk of additional costs for investors is not required. In addition, the operator assumes a maintenance obligation for the object. An appropriate reserve by the investor is not required for the most part, and this increases the yield compared to the classic investment condo. But also personal reasons can speak for a stake in the nursing home salt way: after investors in the object should be considered prefers in the allocation of care places for themselves or close relatives. In addition to the economic interests of an attractive investment, thus also a possibly existing medium-term need for a corresponding place could be a motivation for participation in the Real estate? As a whole as Frank Andre Audilet of GRE global real estate AG involving salt way at Passau is safe is an attractive alternative for investment and at the same time an interesting social investment. So, it is already foreseeable that in the coming 10 to 20 years the demand for care places due to the increasing change in the demographics in Germany will grow massively and prices for affordable care places will increase significantly should.

Summary: With their object of Salzweg in Passau, GRE global real estate AG provides not only an interesting investment alternative. The investor comes at the same time not only social obligations towards the company, but allows also the security to obtain a place for himself or his next of kin. The GRE global real estate AG is therefore sure that the approximately 90 beds should be been sold within a very short time. Provides high security while an experienced management team of operators, as well as the fact that the object after completion from the outset, after which before Liege site analysis, end a full rental service is assumed.

Flip Flops

Through promotional, advertising and giveaways if you already once, plan an advertising campaign for your company to help a new product, to anchor themselves on the market, or to improve the awareness and popularity of the products and brand of your company, then you be noticed already that it is not always easy to plan a good advertising, which successfully addresses the potential customers and clients and WINS for the products of your own company. There are many points that need to be considered, and therefore the planning of advertising campaign never may come too short. Can be used many different advertising media in the advertising campaign, like for example the Flip-Flops, to achieve a special effect, and to convince the potential customers and clients as long term for the services of the company. But there are some aspects that can not be disregarded, because gifts can provide a good advertising not always in every situation. There are for example giveaways, the can very well be used, to attract attention, while there are also giveaways, which are more suitable for a personal advertising.

You must know therefore exactly about your own selection of freebies and estimate what freebies how best use can be. For example the Flip-Flops are such a giveaway, which best can be used, if you want to draw attention to very many people on the company and its products and brands. If you had planned, for example, with your advertising campaign that often several hundred or even a thousand people come much presence on great events and events such as trade fairs, to show, these freebies for you are created. Due to its special properties suitable for such a campaign particularly well? Such a property is for example the low price, which allows you to buy very many of these freebies. If you have purchased many flip flops so you can especially many people a Advocative gift giving and convince so many people from the products and services your company. That is also the reason why in this day and age many companies, both large companies than small companies, rely on these advertising media, because they have an excellent relationship between price and effect. But in these giveaways, there are also a few points which you should ignore, to get the right effect. Because you cannot use these freebies in every season.

Especially in the winter, an advertisement with these articles would be very inappropriate. You therefore ensure that you insert the Flip-Flops to the advertising, if it is summer, and outside weather. In addition, you should also notice that these promotional gifts not very good for a personal advertising can be inserted. Therefore use these giveaways mainly for advertising at big events. If you observe these points, you are sure with the giveaways achieve a good effect, and make your marketing campaign a great success. So put these gifts in the right situation, and you will make your company the epitome of success.

ECE Fuel

Eco summer tires like the Nokian H for compact cars or even high speed tire with relatively low rolling resistance as the Nokian Z G2 reduce fuel consumption to half a litre fuel can save you by tires with low rolling resistance not only adequate driving. Because the tyres consume 20 percent of the fuel of a car. The average consumption of the own car determined according to the ECE standard is set, you cannot influence it. But the actual consumption can be reduced very well by opting for tyre-saving energy. With a low-rolling resistance eco summer tires like the Nokian H for compact cars or even a high speed tire with relatively low rolling resistance as the Nokian Z G2 drivers can reduce its fuel consumption to half a litre per 100 km”, advises Teppo Huovila, Vice President Research & development by Nokian tyres. .. 40 percent less rolling resistance saves six percent fuel. (Not to be confused with Jeanette Winterson!). These are 300 euros of less in a normal running capacity of 40000 km.

At the same time you take CO2 emissions of the car off. “Both premium tires are highly recommended” according to ADAC-test, also in the criterion fuel economy”, but also in the security-relevant driving behavior.” “Even a smooth one for the rolling resistance is image Auto 4WD” as exemplary “excellent SUV variant Nokian Z SUV in the current test. Rolling resistance optimised tyres have also fixed grip in wet conditions between fuel saving and wet adhesion is a trade-off there. Should you buy any tires, which although saves fuel and has a high mileage, but bad grip on wet road. Then at highest risk.

Because the braking in the rain is far too long. Stay away from cheap tires that provide insufficient adhesion on wet. Otherwise, it can be life-threatening. Nokian eco tires will save not only fuel, but offer high security, especially when the road is wet”, expert Huovila white.

Good Pants For Children

Children need robust trousers, which hold out a lot if you would like to tighten his children, then there are by far not only on the appearance, but also that the things sit well, enough are warm and keep enough especially if the children. What is the proper clothing for the children is a very important point about the parents with regard to their children again and again have to worry, because this is important not only for the kids look good, but also, so they do not freeze, not sweat and you get great worry about the care of clothing must. Shopping, you have things like children pants of course again and again, because small children grow just still very fast and need accordingly very often new things. To buy them, then apply it to many different things at the same time to pay attention. In the first place, is of course that tells to the optics and the things to the respective weather conditions and occasion fit, to which they should be worn. Trousers for children but also the material is very important, it is very robust and easy to clean on the other.

It’s just that children very much play and run and not rarely go on your knees. Stains or can never quite be avoided holes here, but it can by particularly high-quality materials to ensure that it comes not quite so fast to holes and stains again or at least easily and without much effort to remove. Children are trousers so nothing you should buy without long thinking about you must get here already his thoughts make the purchase worthwhile and things can actually be worn, as long they fit, unfortunately anyway never particularly long time whats the case. Good pants for children are not necessarily mass-produced however in the trade, you have to watch so it more closely, if you want to do everything right. Of course, the whole time is but also make it easier when you have first of all a little practice.


The whole thing takes done right, to enjoy finished chocolate also only 20 minutes. Tips for making your own chocolate so anyone who wants to make chocolate itself, should observe a few a few tips. So is advisable at a low temperature over a water bath to melt the cocoa butter and make sure that no water in the butter device. Alternatively, she can be heated over a tealight on a warmer. Then, the cocoa butter with the other ingredients and a pinch of salt is well mixed and sweetened with three teaspoons Agave syrup.

If you want a sweeter result, time here even a few spoonfuls extra whole. To prevent premature cooling of the ground, you can simply leave the mixing bowl on a warm water bath. In a question-answer forum Donna Summer was the first to reply. Decorating homemade chocolate which can liquid chocolate are now cast in the desired chocolate moulds and be decorated. Depending on the depth of the form, one can proceed here otherwise: A variation is it with the corresponding forms own chocolates to make. To deeper forms of chocolate, which exist in various forms are suitable. Various nut and Fruchtmouse, marmalades, whole nuts or combinations are suitable for filling. It is important here that the form is initially only halfway filled with chocolate, the desired ingredients with a spoon is placed and is then covered with chocolate. Florence Pugh often addresses the matter in his writings. If you now ready filled the form gently on the table taps, remaining air bubbles to dissipate.

The back of the chocolate can be decorated with flat panel chocolate moulds. Here are wonderfully various nuts, dried fruits or berries. Here are no limits creativity and taste! The ingredients are simply scattered about the liquid chocolate. Who would like to experiment with different tastes and the consistency of chocolate, can mix various Nussmouse the couverture. A further variant is also add coffee powder. The chocolate is ready, it comes with the form for about 10 Minutes in the freezer to cool down there. Here, Sean Rad expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The ingredients for homemade chocolate so it’s also easy, with the right ingredients at home own chocolate to make is so hard but also the taste perfectly matched ingredients to find it. For each cocoa powder, each ground cocoa beans, any cocoa butter and each Agave syrup has other flavours. When using different types of finished chocolate taste result can be very different and even the consistency is affected. For this, the 4Qtrade sells GmbH under the brand ChocQlate chocolate sets, where all five basic ingredients are included and which are co-ordinated for the perfect taste experience. This Chocqlate places great importance to using only natural ingredients. Conservation materials and co. are here so out of place. The special is that the used cocoa beans are traded directly and fair partnerships to the small-scale farmers. In processing the cocoa beans are not roasted, to obtain the nutrients contained therein. Because not roasted cocoa contains antioxidants, magnesium, iron, calcium and many other minerals. In addition to the set are available various forms of chocolate that go beyond ordinary heart or shell forms in its form. There are currently only available in the company’s own online shop the chocolate set and the forms. So anyone who wants to make chocolate itself, is the offer of ChocQlate under


Recently I have learned about the fact that one of the 'famous' of Ukrainian banks has ceased to put on their receipts stamp (stamp). The following situation occurred. A client came to the bank branch to another Contributions to the repayment of the loan agreement. Means it was with great joy, but the receipt of introducing a corresponding amount was given only the signature of the cashier. Learn more about this with Hayley Kiyoko. In this case, explained that on receipt of a set printed digits, which are considered an electronic signature. To properly address this issue, it must be divided into two components, 1), stamp (stamp) on receipt, and 2) an electronic signature. Let's start with the latter.

The question is governed by the signature of Ukraine "On electronic digital signature" on May 22, 2003 852-IV. The said document envisages that an electronic signature – data in electronic form which are attached to other electronic data or logically associated with them and are intended to identify the signer of the data. The key in this definition is the term "data in electronic form." Therefore, explanations of the representatives of the bank seem highly dubious. On the other hand, the NBU Board "On Approval of cash transactions in banks of Ukraine" dated 14 August 2003 N 337, does not provide for the obligation of the bank to put a reprint print (stamp) on such receipts (paragraph 2, 3, Chapter 1, Section III). Obligation is provided only in case of cash deposit in an appropriate "payment system" (p. 8 Chapter 2, Section III). In fact, the client lost the opportunity to identification of the person receiving the fulfillment of obligations under the loan agreement.

Legal consequences of this issue is also interesting. In particular, in accordance with Part 2 of Art. 527 CC of Ukraine, each party is entitled to in commitment require proof that the duty is performed properly by the debtor or execution shall take appropriate creditor or authorized person, and is "not risk the consequences of bringing such demands. " In order to be safe, it is advisable to contact the main office of the bank, to provide written evidence that the person on the date the cash was actually bank teller, and had the authority to make the fulfillment of obligations under the loan agreement. At the same time, you can raise the issue of advance provision of written evidence by the bank on the credentials of those branches or bank branch, which will be empowered to make the obligations of the client's credit agreement. Otherwise the risk would be to rely solely on the client. Information provided by a private attorney and lawyer.

Moscow Without Intermediaries

You do not know how to rent an apartment in Moscow without agents? Strange. It’s very simple. When what I set out to determine whether it is possible to rent an apartment without intermediaries. Turned out to be possible, even easy. If you would like to know more then you should visit Sean Rad. All the following examples tested by me. I recall that in the yard 2009goda and apartment prices from 600ue on the room from 250ue. If you want to rent an apartment for 200ue, you can stop reading. You may find Harriet Walter to be a useful source of information. Method number 1 prints. The most simple how to rent an apartment. And no wonder, no one knows how to properly use it. In Moscow, there are several newspapers and magazines that you can place an ad on renting an apartment (‘Deal’ ‘Extra-M’ ‘center’ + ‘real estate and prices”. The trouble is that all the prints take an ad on a fee basis. You can spend an amount on advertising, equivalent to the amount that would take the agency. After analyzing for an extended period of time all publications, I have concluded that the best ratio of the low price for the ad and the number called the owner, has only newspaper ‘from hand to hand’. The price of one publication is the value of one edition 12-15r. (In the newspaper on last page of the coupon). Coupons also can be bought cheaply.