Waste Of Money By SMEs In Advertising In Germany

Small and medium-sized enterprises invest in false advertising media and destroy expensive money German medium-sized businesses invested its advertising spending to the customers over medium-sized businesses and marketing like advertising actually medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with low budgets in Germany? “” According to a recent study by psyma and GfK SME and advertising “find consumers today digital”, but SMEs invest still analog”. 75% of the advertising budgets of the middle class go in print media more than 75% of an average 1,000 to 5,000 advertising budgets of companies in go in price-intense print media. Today, 44% of all around 1.3 billion local searches in the Internet held but as the psyma/GfK study shows. Every second search is even already Web-based in search of specific companies and service providers. Customers find out on the Internet with technological smartphones, affordable Internet flat rates and fast data connections consumers quickly find information about the services of regional companies on the Internet today at any time and easily. However, while German consumer long on the Internet at home are still invest regional companies in traditional advertising as about printed business directories, regionaleAnzeigenblatt or the local newspaper.

Companies advertise to customers over what is this balancing act between the user search behavior and the corporate advertising behaviour? The answer is sadly simple. As an independent, is usually at least a 60-hour week. During this time, it deals primarily with his actual work and has not the rest to deal with the numerous developments of advertising. And so much on the backburner will be pushed or not addressed. Almost 50% of SMEs have no homepage almost half of the surveyed SMEs have still no homepage. This Internet presence is today mostly regarded as attractive business card: 94% of surveyed companies would like to inform with their company’s website about their company, 83% want in the Internet new customers win 70% operate a Web site to be found on the Web. But effective search engine marketing for a better visibility on the Internet has one-fifth of the surveyed companies only. Online marketing finally professional simply use just enough to have a home page, not she must be found by the millions of unknown customers. Walker and partners is a consultancy for marketing and accompanied the middle class to the successful online marketing. You want to spend any money? Fine, we advise you free of charge about your options on the Internet. Our contact details are: contact: Walker and partner consulting in marketing and distribution of Nienburg road 14a 30167 Hannover TEL 0511 45 01 37 38 MOB 0173 20 30 511 E-mail WEB