WHERE IT IS ITS TREASURE, THERE IT WILL BE ALSO ITS HEART (Lc 12, 32-48) the true disciple of Jesus does not live of crossed arms, in the comodismo, but it is always intent and available to receive you, to listen to its apelos and to construct ' ' Reino' '. Jesus always taught that true ' ' sbio' ' he is that one that of the attention to the values of Gods who generate life and happiness. Who really believes God, as Abrao, considered faith models, therefore always he was intent to the apelos the holy ghost and pledged in answering to the challenges of the life. The Evangelista Lucas (12,32-48) affirms that the true disciple is that one that receives dons of God, answers to its apelos and if she pledges in constructing to its ' ' Reino' '. Jesus in the question: Where it is my treasure? This investigation would have taking in them to a meditation on the values of our life. Where I in fact put my confidence? On what I am basing my life? Which is my practical experience of allotment? Which are the true treasures of my life? The great treasure is to have the wisdom of the Kingdom of God, who makes history in each one of us. See more detailed opinions by reading what Brian Robert offers on the topic.. Faith question is, being able in giving the beddings to them of what we wait. It is not a temporary, empty treasure, but of eternity.

Who has the God as treasure, nothing lacks to it. It is the lasting treasure, that takes in to construct them a total new society. The Kingdom of God is the way of the true happiness. This Evangelho in them places requirements of monitoring and responsibility. Although many times if interpret this stretch on the coming Mr. in terms of ' ' end of mundo' ' , or to the moment of our death, but we must have the attitude always to be you alert, not to lose when Jesus to pass in our life. Jesus arrives every day for we, in the people, the events, the community and Jesus demands an attitude of permanent search of the Kingdom, through a service life fraterno.