Health And Aging

People who use a lot of everyday fruits and vegetables, to keep fit and health to a ripe old age. Everyone knows that such vitamins. And that's what 'fitaminy'? Fitaminy – it's all secondary plant compounds that body gets along with vegetables and fruits. They, as well as vitamins and strengthen your emotional and physical health. Follow these tips have not only in old age, but in his youth, to be able to live as much as possible more, not complaining about his health. Especially, these tips are helpful to women. They will help you, women, to preserve the beauty and health for many years. A beautiful and healthy woman – a wonderful mother and wife.

Advice on how to save Health Keeping your mind and memory to old age. Scientists have shown that even elderly people form new nerve cells and their connections. With the help of which you can speed up this process? How to train the mind: older people should be active and maintain a zest for life. Reading books gives more benefits than inactive indiscriminately watching tv. Ability to maintain healthy thinking crosswords, entertaining games, developing programmy.

body: frequent walking, cycling and swimming strengthens the cardiovascular system, on which depends directly on the brain. Eat right: the basis of the diet should be fruits and vegetables. Fitaminy-active substances, which are on the plant protection. They are not only a person can help keep the concentration and observation. We wish you good health, not only you but also your family.