Thermal Tradition

Spain, especially Cantabria, has the luck to count on a natural inheritance, that comes to him from Greek, Roman and Arab, these practiced the art millenia ago in our country. Spain has at the moment more than 120 thermal stations. In these establishments it is possible to be enjoyed the pleasure that gives to this curative action through massages and the thermal baths. The facilities of these spas, are designed to provide to the peace, tranquillity and comfort of the users, since whatever with thermal water swimming pools outdoors or sport covers, facilities and exclusive medical centers. Cantabria has been incorporating to its traditional supply the Lirganes, this was constructed in 1913, is located in the population of its same name, was declared Joint Historical Artistic. To part of the Lirganes, there are many but: The Temple of the Water The spa of Bridge Risk is placed in the Toranza Valley, to borders of the Pas river, 28 kilometers of Santander. The curative properties that it has the spring of this spa, either were known from century XVIII, or from that time, many benefitted from its curative effect. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jeffrey L. Bewkes Time Warner.

Bridge Risk has been put very popular between the sportsmen of high elite. From December of year 2006, Bridge Risk has bet by termoldicas facilities that &quot has more than 2,000 meters called; The Temple of the Agua" , this account with several swimming pools, jacuzzis, cascades, rivers crosscurrent, spurts and swan necks, also there is water beds, sauna Finnish, steam bath, Turk and ice cabin, all this together with the curative power of their waters, does of this site a simply spectacular one. Waters of Lots This water always has been known like mineral water to drink, between the preferences of the experts, this water have occupied one of the first positions. CBS has similar goals. Approximately for a year, concoce to the Bath Hotel of Lots for being a thermal paradise. Their modern facilities and their extensive park of centennial trees, have caused that the tourists show preference for this place. This hotel does not find within the category of cheap hotels. But it is worth the trouble to spend an authentic weekend of relax in his facilities.

The Hermida This it is the third party of the thermal valleys that has been abierto in Cantabria in less than a year, is the spa of the Hermida, is placed to the feet of the Tips of Europe. The history of this spa when by chance they discovered the warm waters that arise from the mountain, the proprietors acquired an old hotel left from 1936 to reform it. The Hermita, is today one of but the beautiful and modern spas of Spain. In Cantabria there are many hotels to choose, but without place to doubt, those that count on thermal water facilities, are the best ones.


Hotel Monte Triana

Hotel Monte Triana, one of our hotels in Seville, has fully renovated its rooms and bathrooms, a total of 114, that are distributed in 5 floors of the building.New rooms in Hotel Monte Triana A the same time, has undergone works of reforms in the corridors of the same, with such noticeable changes such as the lighting and the colors of walls, ceilings and carpets. New 114 guestrooms of the hotel are designed as a place to rest. Decorated with elegant and cosy, furnished with color cherry wood that infuse warmth, combined with the white tones and creams as well as shades of old gold. This reform has been completed with the installation of flat television screens of 32 in each one of the rooms, Internet connection by cable as well as decoration with flowers and dried plants. Another of the most striking features of each one of the rooms is that they have an original painting by the artist Pablo Vidal.

All the works represent corners of the city. Learn more about this with News Corp. This reform has meant an investment about 1.550.000. Finally, mention that from this reform, the Hotel Monte Triana has a new room Junior Suite, identical decoration to the rest of the rooms but with an approximate surface of 50 m2. This new room consists of two separate rooms: a large rest area that has bed king size, separate bathroom and wardrobe and another room, with a lounge and a table for four people and a corner sofa. It includes flat screen television, coffee maker and supplies of coffee and teas, tableware and other decorative details.