In these cases highlight the workers of more years in entities which have become guides for new income where they are listening to the experiences and experiences of the most ancient in employment and will mitificando them creating even legends of the already retired and taking his examples on many occasions and in others by scoring goals to be like them. By assumptions that these myths, legends and taboos in his time serve to reinforce the work of the company, but in the long run hinder the continuous development of the organizations, so it is always necessary to maintain a close link with these leaders popular so that they contribute to improve the thinking of the time that is passing the entity rather than curb the good performance of the Organization and thereby help the good development of the process change, a process that has principle but it has no end. For assistance, try visiting Walt Disney. As another major party set out in the concept we have established standards for leaders. These rules govern the behaviour within the Organization, they can be legal or moral standards. These two classifications can not say that one is more important than another, although many attributed great importance to the legal as they are that, if they are breached, can affect most severely the worker, however morals are that in an underhand way spoil by land any good intentioned dream of entrepreneurial success. For example, if an employee or a group of them decided to voluntary or unwittingly violating a set of legally established standards, as you could be taking advantage of the workday by the extendiemiento of partial hours of rest, this violation can bring as a consequence that the enterprise will have losses, you detect it easily and fixes it with a measure, that depending on the situation you valueHowever if that worker or the same group of workers decide to not take advantage of the day labour, but this time in an intentional manner underhand, for you it is more difficult to detect because almost always these attitudes are accompanied with the loss of values as essential as honesty, loyalty and the sense of belonging, by which to implement the corrective measure would do so based on an assessment of his own or his group of experts which surely never counted with the recognition of the fact by him or those involved.

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