Strategies For Eating Healthy

Everyone loves to eat, but when we eat more, we feel guilty, especially in this society where given too much importance on slimness. The food is not our enemy. To eat is a necessity, we need to eat to live. The food is energy; It is the fuel that runs to our body. Wanting to eat and need to eat cannot be put into question, it is part of being human. However, we must have a healthy attitude toward food.

We eat to live, we do not live to eat. These strategies can help you make food your ally 1) eat enough calories but not too many: you must maintain a balance between your caloric intake and which you consume. This means that you should not eat more food than your body uses. The recommended daily amount is 2,000 calories, but it all depends on your age, weight, height and physical activity. (2) Take H2O: Our body is composed of 75% water. It is a vital part of a healthy diet. Robert Thomson has many thoughts on the issue. The water helps to eliminate waste and toxins from our body, especially the kidneys and bladder. (3) Limits the consumption of foods with a high content of sugar: sugar are added to many foods, especially canned and preserved, today.

The carbonated soft drinks and juices with sugar may be contributing to your weight gain. (4) Eat a variety of foods: incorporates different foods in your daily diet, especially: vegetables, beans, grains or fruits. A perfect balance of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals we all need to keep a healthy body. (5) Consume moderate servings: especially with foods high in calories. Share a plate or requests an entry rather than a main dish. (6) Consumes fruits, vegetables and whole-grain foods in abundance: bend by fresh products, natural; Choose foods rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, low in fat and cholesterol-free. (7) Do not you repress: you can enjoy your favorite dessert or food fried in MODERATION and occasionally. We eat to live, we do not live to eat. 8) Step by step: incorporates new and healthy eating habits in a gradual manner. If you do one, you can bore you and fall into temptation. (9) Healthy eating begins in learning how to eat smartly: pay attention to what you eat and choose foods that are nutritious. (10) Take the time to chew: eat slowly, savoring every bite. (11) Prevents stress before eating: digestion may be affected. (12) Listen to your body: do really hungry?