Siedenburg Systems

Aluminium name plate of form Meridian ovum which is the elegant, exclusive badge of nameplates Siedenburg – systems with print of its logo and name on a front plate from aluminum. The logo and the name are not to feel, the front matte or brushed aluminium remains absolutely smooth. The oval shape upwards a fancy look, which pleasantly striking, does this but not impose on a result. The printing is done in a special printing process and is abrasion-resistant and resistant against most solvents and alcohols, such as important, if they use the name tag in an environment, where a screen printing can be attacked in a perfumery. Can be fixed with a needle or magnetic clip, which is also available in an extra strong execution. With your personal logo already from 1 piece, quick deliveries are possible.

For more information the team at nameplates is them Siedenburg systems available. Dealer inquiries are welcome. Contact: Nametags systems Siedenburg INH. Matthias Siedenburg King coupling 11 24768 Rendsburg phone: + 49 (4331) 33 23 74 fax: + 49 (4331) 33 23 75 for many years we have been producing badges for end customers and resellers all over Germany and Europe. The focus is on the production of name badges, and buttons. Production, pressure and cutting carried out in the home. At Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City you will find additional information. Own import.