Russian Users

Communication on icq icq Internationally known program came into existence in 1996, when four programmer from Israel have come up with instant messenger instant messaging. Abbreviation for "ICQ" means "I Seek You", which translated Russian language sounds like "I'm looking for you." In 1998, the corporation "AOL" for $ 400 million acquired all rights to the program icq. Internet-pager is a unique, simple and convenient method of communication between people all over the world, allowing send instant messages to people who are on opposite sides of the globe. The incredible popularity of the program due to the huge number of users that by 2007 there were about 85 million people. Features enormous.

People in different corners of the earth, become the friends and associates about their interests and hobbies, it is possible to exchange files and photos, features allow you to play various games in the mode of on-line. For icq users simply do not exist temporal and geographic boundaries. There are several such programs, built on the principle icq.Ne less popular Internet pager program is a qip, which also allows you to exchange instant messages and files in different mode, on-line. Mobile version of icq named Jimm will communicate with your friends exclusively in any place where the coverage of your mobile operator. Program settings allow you to select the most user-friendly interface, the desired security settings and much more, that provides the user comfortable using the program icq, qip or Miranda.V your opportunity to make settings so that your presence will not see nobody, and you in turn will be able to see all on-line users. If you can not be directly from the computer, the original audio signal to warn you of an incoming message. Mandatory registration of icq users is simple and will not cause difficulties for even the most inexperienced user.

When registering a new user, he is issued a unique number of its Internet-pager. Your nickname in the icq should not cause ridicule and unpleasant hints, because the choice of nickname Take very seriously, because the small amount of information in the user's personal data will not give a complete picture of you and your companion to judge you, he will be at the specified nick. In the presence of all the advantages of the program icq should pay attention to a few unpleasant moments on such programs. Despite the powerful anti-spam, the icq network to a large extent it is exposed. Please be careful who you add to your list of contacts. If an unknown man is continually trying to log you off, it can follow the virus into your computer. And finally, it is worth saying that many large companies do not only do not approve, but all are struggling possible ways to icq users among employees, because communication in the on-line employees may carry a potential threat to the company, as is quite possible to transmit trade secrets of others persons.