Roman Empire

Cave premises outside rocks are marked by arched windows, combined with triangular tambourines. The monastery is now operational, and reversed. On the right bank of the river close to Black at the entrance to Sevastopol from the north well see the two rock array – Zagaytanskaya and rock monastery. At the top of the last tower of the medieval fortress flaunt Calamita. She defended the commercial port Mangupsky Avlita principality. Later on he called her name and port.

In the XV century feodorites Kalamita led through a brisk trade, enjoyed the port and the Crimean Khanate. Hence, slaves were taken away, seized by the Tatars in Russian, Ukrainian and Polish territories. In 1434, the Genoese were looted and burned Kalamita. However, after the defeat of the Genoese forces under Solkhat (Old Crimea) Mangup princes newly rebuilt fortress. In 1475 the Turks captured the effortless strength and renamed in Inkerman. They had the Inkerman to the XVIII century. Very peculiar monument to technology is Inkerman quarry, whose bottom is filled with bright aquamarine recent spring water.

This left the water source of St. Clement, due to his prayer, almost two Thousands of years ago. Throughout all these years, worked a quarry! Convicts from the Roman Empire to modern stone-cutting machine Rock stores galleries, production, gigantstkie terraces. The lake is completely separated by rocky cliffs, – the perfect bathing, as opposed to Inkerman bay, where there are no beaches, but the port facilities. Of a scheduled steamer Inkerman can go swimming in the bay or the Netherlands to the North side of Sebastopol. There also ride shuttles and buses. The beach is known as a Radiogorkoy nude, and the wonderful sandy beaches and Uchkuevka Lyubimovka have all the features of modern seaside resorts. Further north mastered private boarding houses, villas and recreation departments other than the sandy beaches near the village of Kacha Orlovka and garrison. These can be accessed not only from the bus North, but also from Bakhchisarai.