Relationship: as it is difficult. Diverse times, we are tested in ours day-by-day. The people who are part of our circle of envolvimentos, bring for we moments of estresse, doubts, collections, joys, at last, are, the all instant, surrounded of differences. /’>Honeywell International Inc.. However, a situation, whose agreement is something thus, that almost inexplicable exists. One is about the immature man. As this being to deal copm that, although crescidinho, still shows signals of that the emotional matureness not yet arrived completely. I have a well next case and I go to tell it here. When the situation is favorable for it, everything is to ' ' a thousand maravilhas' ' , cara' ' if it holds well, it is presented of good mood, it plays with all.

But, to the lesser signal of opposition, or, still, if they do not make its will, there, the scene is classic: it emburra, ' ' it is of mau' ' , colloquy more with nobody, does not dissimulate that ' ' it is not there nor for nada' '. worse no this; it still believes that she is a victim, and that the others is that they are made a mistake. How to deal with this? the reply is: I do not know. By the way, one of the reasons for which I publish this article, is that it would like to get them. the answers, therefore, ' ' figura' ' in question, she is very next, and it has caused bothering. To ignore it would be the case?