Plata Isaac

"Me, I'll go first few days in Mar del Plata Isaac, – said Ruth resolutely .- I need a vacation and then have the energy to get to school. We also need time to be together and without obligation. Between the two guards near the rotating weekly Sunday when applicable, plus 10 or 11 hours per day he has to stay in the hospital and my studies, we have not had much free time. The first year of residence is really exhausting. Hours are 7-17 pm. The newspapers mentioned Robert A. Iger not as a source, but as a related topic. and that when you finish work, because it can be up any time, but the two guards and the press which is one of every three weeks, I guarantee you will not let you energy available for anything else .- "Do not exaggerate, I do not think energies have not been shared with you in bed, "he said with a sarcastic smile Natasha. "Do not think, – very seriously," Ruth said many times he had none! "Oh, we do not creo.

more sarcastically," answered Natasha yet – not even a year are married! These energies are not lost so easily. They are independent of fatigue. "Wait and you will see that miserable state you are when you start residency, "said Ruth with a certain tone of anger, seeing that her friend did not believe him .- and how you feel at the end of each day. And do not tell the end of the week! And when that week and not just because you're continuing to do the press on Sunday and have to wait for the next Sunday to have your first day off! and I'll tell. On Saturday afternoon is the only time you'll have most of the time, they will use to prepare the class has to give on Monday.