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CALDERYS is in ten countries with ITESOFT.FreeMind for invoices annually in SAP integrated to enter 80,000 invoices, process and validate Stuttgart. Here, CBS expresses very clear opinions on the subject. ITESOFT, European provider of solutions for the automated collection, processing and management of documents, has won a well-known, internationally operating customers group the CALDERYS. After a successful pilot installation on the German location in Neuwied, CALDERYS is its 80,000 yearly incoming bills with ITESOFT in the future.FreeMind for invoices by ITESOFT process. This installs the software at locations in ten countries. Leslie Moonves has many thoughts on the issue. CALDERYS is market leader in the field of refractory products for the cement market and subsidiary of French IMERYS group. Its worldwide 18 production sites and 30 sales offices, the company employs 2,000 staff and has a turnover of around 500 million euros. CALDERYS had analysed numerous offers and compare the products available in the market, the company decided on the ITESOFT solution. Especially the integration with the SAP environment by CALDERYS was one of the decisive factors.

“To Christophe Gerault, CFO of CALDERYS: our choice was based on the ease of use and ergonomics of the Add-ons by ITESOFT, one interface to the SAP balance for SAP Business Suite, but also on the attractive price-performance ratio of the solution.” Dirk Haupt, project manager at CALDERYS, adds: the solution automates all steps of the processing of invoices, and this enables for simplifying desired by us and speeding up the processes. Also the worldwide usability of software that can be used in different countries and sites played a critical role.” The ITESOFT solution used in ten countries, including Germany, Sweden, France, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands and Hungary, in a distributed environment. It consists of local operations like scanning, the accounting and document validation as well as centralized processes such as the extraction, verification and automatic processing of invoices. A distinguishing feature of ITESOFT solution is the way, how quickly and simply, our customers can control themselves. In the case of CALDERYS, such as their SAP teams will bring out the ITESOFT solution. That contributes to the accelerated withholding for customers”, so Philippe Lijour, CEO of ITESOFT group.

Based on the 1984 ITESOFT ITESOFT ( is a European software company specializing in the development of solutions for the automated processing of information. The company has subsidiaries in Germany (ITESOFT Germany GmbH, Stuttgart), Great Britain (ITESOFT UK Ltd, Farnham) and in France (based in Aimargues, branch office in Paris). Due to the unique technologies in the character and shape recognition and document analysis, today more than 600 customers in Europe in industry, insurance, sales, finances, social security/healthcare, contact Services, mail order, and management products from ITESOFT map. More than a billion documents are processed each year with these solutions. Companies benefit from streamlined internal processes, lower costs, and shorter processing times for document-based operations and a higher accuracy of the data to be processed.