Mount Carmel

The Israeli media reported today that the cable rail who operated in the city of Haifa will operate. Cable rail located in Mount Carmel, was severely damaged during the second Lebanon war in July 2006. A dispute resulted between the municipality of Haifa and administering the cable company who would pay the costs of rail cable arrangement. The municipality argued that the damages were not caused by a Katyusha rocket launched by Hezbollah and administering company Doppelmayr. More info: Discovery Communications. Cable rail was put in place in the 1980s and takes travelers by Bat Galim and Stella Maris monastery and carried approximately 200,000 passengers per year and still wasn’t profitable as reported by the Haaretz newspaper. Doppelmayr demanded from the municipality of Haifa around 400,000 euros that it refused to pay. The parties reached an agreement which allowed to restart this Center. To this turisitca attraction, it must be added that the city has an underground called Carmelit that runs through some stations on one of the slopes of Mount Carmel. Hear other arguments on the topic with John Stankey. Original author and source of the article.