Lower Printing Costs

In our time we can not imagine the office without a printer or MFP, and most people have personal use of the printer. Therefore it goes without the need arises to reduce printing costs, while not losing the quality of press. Obviously, it is possible to print smaller elementary or print very small print unbearably dense in bad paper, cheap cartridges, but it is wrong, because there are really effective ways to reduce printing costs, using which you do not have to sacrifice quality. The following will be presented seven effective ways to reduce the cost of printing. 1. Refilling ink cartridges.

Do not necessarily throw out the cartridge, as It can be refilled, it increased his life span by 2-3 times and save a decent amount. It is necessary to clarify that the refilling of laser toner cartridge has an average of 400 rubles, and to produce high-quality toner perezavpravku. 2. Robert Iger takes a slightly different approach. The use of compatible cartridges. Compatible cartridges are able by themselves to reduce printing costs by 50%, and in conjunction with other effective techniques that allow you to reduce printing costs can be achieved tremendous economy. You need to add that you should use compatible cartridges tested companies. For example, using a compatible cartridge hp Q2612A famous, you can save about 1,300 rubles. 3.

Preliminary test. All of us can remember that when you print a document or a web page in addition to the desired material printer gave us a few more unwanted pages with the signatures below, footers, and other. To avoid printing unneeded pages should always use the preview function. 4. Simple is harmful to the printer. Yes, as it was not surprising but it was during this period, if your printer does not print (idle) may be the most detrimental to him. This is especially true for inkjet printers, as after a long break in the ink cartridge nozzles may dry out, which will replace the cartridge. It is recommended to print a weekly at least one sheet using all the colors that would prevent drying of the ink jet cartridges. Laser printer downtime is not so dangerous, because then each print queue is cleared cartridge itself. But still, need to monitor the status of the printer, and from time to time to clean the machine. 5. Toner Save Mode. Many are not aware of the toner save mode, but in vain, because It is capable of robust design to reduce printing costs. 6. Font. Yes, simply by changing the font can be much reduced printing costs. For example the popular font Arial will require 30% more toner costs than the same Times New Roman or Century Gothic. In addition, there is a special font saving Eco Font, which is capable of more reduce printing costs, thanks to its perforated structure. Find out and download it free of charge, please visit. 7. Do not print too much. There is a suitable service, which allows you to cut out unnecessary fragments of the html page you wish to print and keep only what you want to see on paper. Following all or even some tips submitted by you will be able to reduce printing costs by at least 2 times.