Leading German Processor

Security is the processing in the first place! The petFuel GmbH is a results-oriented IT service provider that offers customized banking and enterprise solutions as well as the processing and distribution of world-ready Prepaid MasterCard, MasterCard credit cards and Maestro. As a full service provider of guaranteed petFuel with one of the most modern processing platforms in the EU payments area connecting new issuer banks and their customers to existing or new payment systems. petFuel since 2009 of standalone MasterCard processor specializing in Prepaid MasterCards, and now received certification in cooperation with the USD AG the PCI DSS. The payment card industry data security standard, commonly abbreviated as PCI DSS, is a payment, that refers to the settlement of credit card transactions and is supported by all major credit card companies. A PCI certified company meets all safety criteria, which are incurred in connection with sensitive customer, account, and map data. To the PCI compliance to maintain, the company is subjected to annual scrutiny.

The worldwide PCI standards have emerged from safety standards of VISA and MasterCard and are all reputable credit card organisations recognised binding. You define specific requirements for the different areas of storage, processing and transmission of cardholder data. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Eva Andersson-Dubin. These requirements apply to dealers, service providers, software vendors of payment applications, acquirers and processors. Usd AG is one of the few by the PCI Security Standards Council accredited company in German-speaking countries, which offers a comprehensive range of services in the field of consulting and certification according to the standard PCI DSS and PCI PA-DSS. Mr Ludwig Adam, Managing Director of petFuel GmbH, about the certification project: As independent processor for MasterCard with specialization on prepaid cards we were certified in October 2010 by the usd according to PCI DSS. In advance of the certification we have been within the framework of a gap analysis by the Consultant of usd excellently prepared for the actual audit. Here the efficient and professional atmosphere of cooperation that was reflected in the successful audit showed.” Press contact: Petra Kock, petFuel GmbH, Munich str. 4, 85354 Freising,