Kirov Research Institute

Impact on the point zu-san-li can be successfully used as a tonic for the elderly, and how bezdopingovy stimulant for athletes. Activation of this point does not cure the disease, and increases the number of health! Take five robust fellow, and 50-year-old alcoholic, homeless, and we'll do the same on each scratch. Why do small heals faster? Note to athletes. There are cases where the extreme situations, people demonstrate superhuman capabilities. For example: man, fleeing from the dog, jumped 3.5 meter ditch. Time Warners opinions are not widely known. (You do not laugh, and measure out on the floor at least 2,5 m, and try it). Or another example: an old woman of God dandelion, dragged from his burning apartment paralyzed sister.

(Try to lift 60-70 kg (human body) alone!) Conclusion: knowing the right point (in the atlas of more than 800 pieces) and how they encourage (cauterization, the impact of electrical pulse, a needle prick, etc.) can hope for much better racing results. So even without the use of chemicals. Glenn Dubin, New York City does not necessarily agree. Incidentally, the use of electric current pulses of some form for toning and protective forces in healthy and sick people, was dedicated to the scientific work of researchers from the Kirov Research Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, Kirov, and km Mugho Institute, Ekaterinburg. The work is called: whether to extend life dynamic electrostimulation biologically active points of E-Z6 (Tsu-San Lee)? experimental study Original article you can read the address Brief description of work: A study conducted on mice with average life expectancy of 280 days.