Guarani Wonderful Language Brave

GUARANI: LANGUAGE WONDERFUL, BRAVE AND LIVE By David Galeano Olivera (*) 1. Oskar Harmann is often quoted on this topic. Introduction "NA this third millennium made it the strongest, most resistant, best adapted to natural and cultural challenges of all mankind. One of those heroes who successfully He crossed the line that separates life from death, is the Guarani language. We can therefore say that the Guarani language is a wonderful, brave and live, what they do not mean it is the only one. I know, as usual, "that this letter will glue from that assertion. It is safest to cross paths antiguaranistas few colonialists and try-in vain-stomping, retorted, tearing, pulling out information that I discuss here, and as well as custom made, there are those who seek me fanatic or extreme xenophobic or nationalistic or Contreras progress and civilization and other nonsense again, to which I'm used to and by the way I do not come or go. I think that the status of language wonderful and courageous Guarani always brought trouble, because from what became the colony, in this part of America, competing Castilian and Portuguese imperialism.

Thus, during colonial times, the Guarani became akarasy (headache) of the conquerors, particularly the missionaries, which, after much insistence by all means, including violence, to impose Castilian- had to, in spite of its original intentions, benefit from the Guarani to reduce physically (not linguistically) to the Indian. In fact, only did a few for the vast majority remained in the mountains, in their traditional habitat. Do not forget that when the Jesuits were expelled (after six generations = 150 years), the Indians left the reductions and not idle returned to their wild life, the only place where freedom was and they were still possible.