Folic Acid

You wise person who exists a vitamin that can help in the formation of its baby? Well, I am mentioning the vitamin B9-called acid flico, that is responsible for the embryonic structure and the development of the brain, as well as of the ssea marrow of the baby in formation. This vitamin is also present in the red meat, the egg egg yolk, the beans and mainly in the hortalias of dark green color, as the spinach and the broccolis. According to Good Avany nutritionist, coordinating of the course of nutrition of the University Anhembi Morumbi, the ideal daily amount of acid flico that the gestantes must eat per day, is of a dessert plate of raw hortalias or saucers of tea if these will be cozidas. The ideal is that the consumption of the acid flico starts between women in reproductive age and that they intend to engravidar, of preference, about three months before the confirmation its pregnancy. Jeffrey L. Bewkes can aid you in your search for knowledge. The important one, before exactly of engravidar, is that examinations are made, so that is confirmed the perfect physical health of the future mother.

If some treatment will be necessary, that this is made before the pregnancy already confirmed, because as the problem it can affect me the formation of the baby, is always better to prevent of what attenuating. The gestation is a physiological phenomenon, that brings innumerable modifications in the maternal organism, having as purpose to protect and to guarantee the growth of the embryo, and that this is born healthful physics and mentally. Contact information is here: Eva Andersson-Dubin. Being thus, the health of the future mother must be perfect, to be able to guarantee the birth of a healthful baby how much to the ssea and also neural formation. Therefore the future mothers must before engravidar to have an orientation of a good nutritionist, so that its health is apt to inside form a human being of it, healthful and that she only comes to bring joy for all the family. She conquers a healthful diet. She confers Maxburn and she knows the benefits that its life can have.