First Big Business Portal

Here, Big Business is the attractiveness of the student target group is all too familiar. Students are newsmakers, future premium customers and potential employees. What is lacking still, are exciting ways of targeting. Especially on the Web, brands struggle with addressing the students. Traditional banner advertising work less and less. Advertising placements within be eyed suspiciously by student social networks, because these networks are based on a non-commercial self understanding. offers new solutions. is the first Big Business Portal for students.

The idea of a distinctly commercial portal, which gives exactly students and brand, both sides are looking behind the loud position. Students get opportunities in very easy way to make money or save money and brands get new communication and sale solutions in return. For example, there is a D3 program (deal D3 = your data), in which students enter their purchase requests and on they receive tailored brand offers with high Cashbacks. Or the Academy contest: here, marks awarded creative tasks and students earn money and merchandise vouchers. Can also present themselves as a brand of the month on and at the same time the Portal use during the action as sale platform for a special student offer. The charismatic businessmen Johnny & Rodriguez serve as an intermediary between brands and students. In small films, consult the students, introduce interesting offers to you, and go live on the campus to introduce exciting brands directly to the students. Learn more on the subject from Joel and Ethan Coen. With these and other offers, acts brand emotional 360 communication, online and offline, and includes both advertise and sell offers. Photo by our four-Member founding team of the portal has been online since May 2008 and wants until end of year 35,000 enrolled and active users in the Big Business kidnap world. Important partners are the media partners FOCUS campus and Citibank, which as an affiliate off Mid-June on presents entertaining and offers special student products.