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SME Forum with Dr. Others including Comcast, offer their opinions as well. Carsten Baumgarth, S! Lecturer gives insights into the B2B brand management on behalf of psv marketing. On October 25, 2008, the first S SME Forum of the Sparkasse Attendorn-Lennestadt-Kirchhundem launches schools in the Forum of St. Ursula. PSV marketing stops at this important discussion forum with an information stand and a lecture by Mr Priv.

Doz.. Dr. Carsten Baumgarth be represented. “Under the title brand for screws, plugs and printing machines: guidelines for the B2B brand management” priv.-Doz. informed. Dr.

Carsten Baumgarth everyone about the importance of brand awareness and gives specific guidelines for SMEs. Priv.-Doz.. Dr. Carsten Baumgarth, 2006 in the teaching and research at the Marmara University Istanbul (Turkey) since, appreciate the importance of brands. His research focus is in the B2B branding. So he picks up this theme, especially also in his speech at the S SME Forum. It involved the question of whether brands in the B2B sector at all relevant play, ways of establishing the brand in the B2B companies internal and passes into the concrete implementation of a brand concept. We want based on the presentation by Mr Priv. Doz.. Dr. Baumgarth show how important an understanding of brands even for the middle class has become. Because science knows how long to appreciate the power of the brand and also as brand-maker knowing in practice, that the importance of long-term branding does not stop before the middle class”as psv marketing managing director Frank Hall. What most companies do not know is that everyone is already a brand, but maybe not correctly positioned and incorrectly or not articulated. Our task is precisely: to analyze the company and to build a brand or optimize. We apply in depth and develop strategic concepts that prove in practice. The brand is the highest good for a company and everyone should think of themselves as such, and accordingly Act. As both work we of course not only theoretically show the company and that”further depicts Hall. Learn more about S SME Forum, see. PSV marketing Ruhrststr 9 57078 Siegen t. 0271.7412975 F. 0271.7412976 W. psv the advertising agency marketing. The Markenoptimierer advantages of of brand in the competitive are clearly obvious. Everybody knows the big brands – Coca-Cola and Nivea. The brand offers orientation in a confusing world. PSV marketing supported medium-sized companies in building and the positioning of your brand. We lay the foundations of conceptual brand building together with our customers and take over advisory functions, to optimize business processes and product development. We provide a communication objective formulation and the planned implementation in building the brand including brand legal consulting. PSV marketing includes: Consulting development of corporate identity trademark brand strategy consulting