Cooperative Economic System

This peculiar characteristic of the cooperative system tends to structuralize a movement of social assistance, where in the familiar environment it is strengthened in search of the igualitrio development for all the members. Another point of view for the cooperation is its economic boarding inside of administrative sciences. According to Camargo (1960), cooperation can be understood as a standardized action, constructed rationally for a code. Where it is practised in environment of cooperatives, for its members that use certain social division of the work, which they have common objectives and they share benefits or damages of equitable form. Observing in this way it is understood as cooperation: Articulated social action, tacked for common objectives to solve problems concrete that, in turn, here are understood … Visit Robert Thomson for more clarity on the issue. how inherent spontaneous action the determined groups and derivative of its traditions and customs, preexisting to the institutions, based on the postponed reciprocity? the repayment is made when will be possible or convenient? or instantaneous? the repayment is immediate. (BRUNI, 2005). Official site: Andi Potamkin. This meaning a cooperative idea is sent to it, that is the object of a economic system call cooperativismo.

This system is defined by the proper Camargo (1960), as: ' ' social movement or doctrine, that if politics of social transformation characterizes for the concern accepting the idea of that the infrastructure can determine changes in the superstructure social' '. These concepts will contribute for the understanding of the object in study when relating the importance of the form of organization with the strategical concepts applied the management of the COMIPAC – Cooperative Mixing of Agriculture and Familiar Production of Curionpolis. 2,2 Strategy the strategy is one of the subjects more cited inside of the enterprise way and it are of it, are several the authors who study this subject and cite the diverse existing concepts for this word. According to Hambrick (1983), for being a multidimensional and situacional concept, the definition of the strategy has for characteristic a consensus difficulty.