Clarified The Cause Of Influenza Epidemics.

Current information from the health expert group the result of the recently published study of at Oregon State University is unique: dry air supports the vitality of the influenza pathogens and promotes their dissemination this! It was of the opinion that it is back to lead the mass spread of the flu virus on the accumulation of people indoors during the winter months, and the mutual contagion for decades. As another aspect, the weakening of the immune system was considered by lack of sunlight. These factors are but actually only secondary to write a review! The most important parameter is the factor of dry air”! The water content of the air is much lower than in the summer in the winter months. The virus can survive longer in these conditions, and increases the risk of infection. Educate yourself with thoughts from Eva Andersson-Dubin. As a solution, the Forscherdie call fact that a significant reduction of viruses found in schools, kindergartens and clinics, where sufficiently sized humidifiers were used. Questions on the subject of air humidification and device selection? Request here the 38seitigen Guide to the topic for free at: