Bob Proctor

Be careful with what you wish .because becomes reality! Do you feel stuck in your reality? Do you read the secret book and seen the film and still don’t know how to apply it to your reality? Tea would be like Bob Proctor but don’t know as? Do you feel that there must be something more that will help you to apply the law of attraction in your life? You seem so easy to understand but you don’t know how to start? If you feel so, I want to say that you’re not the only one. There are many people more by becoming the same kinds of questions. There are many more people looking forward and trying to express their wishes. I used be one of those, I searched, lei and walked many paths up to now say, the law of attraction works for me! It all started with this desire.If only I had the lamp of Aladdin! The secret is to understand that you really have it. Source: Time Warner. Do you remember the story of the lamp of Aladdin? It was my favorite as a child story.

The story tells about a boy who finds a lamp and decided to rub it, awakening the genius in its interior. The genius comes out and tells him, you grant three wishes. The child tells his first I wish and the genie replied, your wish is my command. And continuous thus cumpliendole the child all their orders. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City recognizes the significance of this. Quien no desire to ever find a lamp so? Can be in a simple way a step away from your desires? What we must understand is that this is not just a story for children, but that we really have a lamp in our power. As mentioned in the movie The Secret, the law of attraction works always and for everyone, we realize it or not.